Ohio State Football: Braxton Miller Is Not a Realistic Heisman Candidate

The Ohio State Buckeyes are having one of the best seasons of any ineligible bowl candidate ever. Yet on their bandwagon, you could hear a pin drop.
That’s because college football viewers and writers alike are treating the bowl-ineligible Buckeyes like ghosts.
In that case, might as well call Braxton Miller the Casper in the Heisman race.
Remember Casper the friendly ghost? The one caring and considerate creature associated will haunted houses and Patrick Swayze. That sure is scary.
Miller’s Heisman campaign is similar to the friendly ghost. Everybody has something nice to say about it, but Ohio State’s disclusion mars Miller’s season.
It’s a sad truth for Miller, who’s carried the Buckeyes offense all season and has redefined the dual-threat quarterback at OSU fresh off Terrelle Pryor’s tenure. Passing for 1,500 yards and rushing for another 1,000 doesn’t hurt, either.
I won’t ignore the calls for Miller in the Heisman top…

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