Heisman Trophy Watch: Breaking Down Braxton Miller’s Case with a Month Left

Before the Ohio State Buckeyes took the field in Ann Arbor on Saturday, it was widely accepted that Braxton Miller’s Heisman candidacy had been all but extinguished. Though the junior quarterback is an exceptional talent, he missed two games, and most of a third, due to injury this season and was a little shaky upon his return.

However, Miller did everything in his power to push his proverbial hat back in the ring Saturday afternoon. The Ohio native demonstrated emphatically what it means to be a dual-threat quarterback. Miller rushed for 153 yards and three touchdowns and threw for two more scores en route to 42-41 Ohio State victory.

After a performance of that caliber, on a stage of that magnitude, it can certainly be argued that Miller’s Heisman hopes, as small as they may be, are still alive.

Miller has very little time left to improve his chances, but in a Heisman race as wide open as this year’s, his name should be in the discussion. He is at the helm of one of the nation’s most potent offenses. Ohio State is averaging 48.2 points per game this season, and Braxton Miller is responsible for a lot of ’em.

In his last five games, Miller has racked up a combined 21 touchdowns, eight on the ground and 13 through the air.

Entering this season, Miller was considered a Heisman front-runner. However, his injury seriously detracted from his contention. The question remains, then: Should Miller be penalized for something beyond his control?


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