Is Going Undefeated in College Football the Hardest in All of Sports?

There is a lot of talk revolving around the undefeated seasons that Ohio State, Florida State and Northern Illinois are putting together. With Alabama falling to Auburn in the Iron Bowl, the fourth remaining undefeated squad was no more. The Tide fell to the Tigers, ending the dreams of a BCS Championship, and again proving the point that going undefeated is hard work.

However, in the grand scheme of the American sporting experience, going undefeated through the ranks of college football falls into the world of possible. Actually, considering the relative improbability of going undefeated in other sports, finishing unblemished in college football would be considered easy, comparatively speaking.

For the Buckeyes, the Seminoles, Huskies and every team pushing to go undefeated before them, the season was a tough one. There have been ups and downs. Spots where things did not go as planned. Moments where injuries forced the squad to alter plans and find another way to get wins. It’s certainly not easy.

Coaches have to game plan. More importantly, coaches have to find a way to get 100-plus 17-23-year-old kids operating at an optimum level every single week. That’s twelve weeks in the regular season. Thirteen weeks if the league has a conference title game. Eighteen weeks when it gets down to the bowl prep. And that does not even include spring ball, fall camp or the bye weeks built into a season.

It is a hard thing to do. Especially, in an era where there is such great…

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