Just Because It Looks Like the BCS Will Work out Again Doesn’t Make It Right

Chaos came on schedule for the BCS, just like always. Like the morning train that shows up at precisely 7:24 a.m.—with or without you—or that six-month dentist appointment you can’t run from, the expected unfolded right on time.

The debate will rage on (per usual), but the circumstances of the beleaguered system have again sorted themselves out. And despite feeling some nostalgia over its passing, cherishing the small bits and pieces we’d love to take with us, this final stretch of the BCS could be summed up somewhat simply.

Good night, and good luck.

A pool of worthy undefeated teams incapable of losing a game…lost. At least many of them did. Baylor’s potent offense was iced out on a frigid Stillwater evening, Oregon ran into trouble—or more specifically, trouble ran into (and over) it…twice. And yes, Alabama’s undefeated mark was undone in one remarkable second by its rival.

Now, barring complete and total chaos in the final week—which no one should discount given recent happenings—the final BCS National Championship will end with a simplistic whimper. This whimper will be accompanied by ample screaming, whining and Internet angst, but the scenario is suddenly crystal clear.

If Florida State and Ohio State are victorious, they will almost certainly meet in the final BCS National Championship. The possibility of Auburn looms—and the networks will play this controversy up plenty for ratings…

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