College Football 2013 Week 15 Simulation

Rivalry games, conference championships and a video game telling you exactly what will happen before it happens: If the world’s greatest simulation device is correct—it often is, by the way—then we’re all in for an enormous Week 15 treat.

NCAA Football 14 is back to predict one of the greatest college football weekends of the year. The slate of games is abbreviated, but it is also spectacular.

For those only pulling up a chair just now, here’s the rundown: Using the video game NCAA Football 14, all college football games from the weekend are simulated. Because this week featured some unique matchups that were not originally on the docket, some extra simulation efforts needed to be made. Matchups were generated—playing on neutral field—and they have been included.

With that said, none of the results has been altered. What you see in the slides to follow is exactly what the game said would happen. We have standards that we take very seriously.

Let’s get to it.

Updated Record Through Week 14: 44-27
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