What Happens to Ohio State If Braxton Miller Goes Pro?

As Ohio State prepares for the Orange Bowl against Clemson, there have been constant rumors about Braxton Miller’s NFL future.

Will he go to the big league or stay for one last go in Columbus?

Miller addressed the rumors in about as noncommittal a fashion as one could, telling the Columbus Dispatch the following:

“I get that all the time, every day,” he said with a smile. “I’m just focused on the team right now, focused on what we’ve got to get accomplished for the group and Buckeye Nation. I’ll worry about it after the game.”

For Ohio State, however, the big question overshadowing its future is what happens if Miller does go pro.

This 2013 team was one of the most prolific offensive football teams in Ohio State history. Miller and the Buckeyes put up 6,740 yards of total offense and scored 46.3 points per game.

Those are some lofty numbers to live up to no matter what.

That may be especially the case for Ohio State, who are already facing the potential loss of four starting offensive linemen, star running back Carlos Hyde, leading receiver Corey “Philly” Brown and quarterback Kenny Guiton after this season.

Add in Miller’s departure, and Ohio State would have to find a way to replace 91.6 percent of its total yards gained and 93 percent of its touchdowns scored from this year.

It doesn’t matter who you are bringing in or who remains on the roster, that’s a devastating amount of change coming your…

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