Ohio State Football: Should Braxton Miller Go Pro?

“I think I’m ready.”

That was Braxton Miller, Ohio State’s outstanding junior quarterback, talking about the possibility of forgoing his senior season and playing football on Sundays in the NFL next year. The Buckeyes’ signal-caller, who has won 22 of 23 games as a starter over the last two seasons, would be leaving Columbus, Ohio and a team that could make a serious run at major college football’s first playoff.

Whether he makes the jump, though, has yet to be determined.

According to Mike Huguenin’s NFL.com article, Miller won’t make his decision until after Ohio State’s matchup with Clemson in the Orange Bowl on January 3. His focus now is on beating the Tigers and helping his team bounce back from its first loss—a crushing 34-24 defeat to Michigan State in the Big Ten title game—in two years.

But that all-important decision is lurking.

“It’s tough; I just don’t know,” Miller told Teddy Greenstein of The Chicago Tribune. “I really have to sit down and go through the pros and cons. I’ll talk to my parents, take it slow.”

What will be the biggest factors going into Miller’s decision?

The Injuries Are Piling Up

While Miller helped set a new school record for consecutive wins (24) over the last two years, that success took a heavy toll on the 6’2″, 215-pound quarterback.

It’s no secret that Urban Meyer uses the quarterback position to trigger a numbers advantage in the running game. That advantage is multiplied with a…

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