Big Ten Football: 3 Reasons Why the the Bowl Season Will Be a Colossal Dud

Some things are just given in sports. The Chicago Cubs not making the World Series, the Cleveland Browns missing the playoffs and the Big Ten laying an egg during bowl season. Already 0-2 after losses by Minnesota and Michigan, the nightmare scenario is unraveling for the conference once again.

Of course the apologists will say that the lower-tiered bowls are meaningless. This is nonsense. The Wolverines and Golden Gophers are not good teams and neither are most of the other teams in the Big Ten. It is that simple.

Others will argue that fans in the Big Ten root for their teams, not the conference. Give it a break. Sure, nonconference and bowl losses by other teams are not shared, but the abundance of losses over the last three years has been embarrassing for everyone. Consequently, any significant achievement made in conference play is immediately ridiculed.

New Year’s Day provides an opportunity to restore some pride. It could also deliver another round of humiliation. Odds favor the latter, which will further cement the widespread opinion that the Big Ten is no longer relevant in the FBS.

No conference takes more pride in sticking it to the Big Ten than the SEC. Few things get under the skin of Big Ten fans more than the SEC chant. Most will say they hate it because they feel SEC fans are taking credit for something not earned. The real reason is the chant represents something they don’t have: championships.

Granted, Ohio…

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