Why Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Squad Is Only Big Ten Team That Will Miss the BCS

Monday night will be reason to celebrate no matter what happens between Florida State and Auburn here in Big Ten country. That’s because the three-letter word, B-C-S, has been most unkind to the majority of B1G schools.

That is unless you are Ohio State, in which case you may very well be sad to see the BCS gone.

Sure, recent BCS history hasn’t been kind to the Buckeyes either, but who can forget the 2002-03 season and the last national champion to come from the Big Ten?

Despite the B1G not having a national champion since then, no other conference has played in more BCS games than the Big Ten (28), and no other team in the history of the BCS has made more appearances than OSU (10).

However, for the other 11 teams currently calling the Big Ten home, the death of the BCS and birth of the College Football Playoff is a dream come true.

It’s an opportunity to do what the vast majority of the Big Ten still has to do to get respect: earn it on the field.

The ugly truth of the BCS era for the Big Ten is that unless your ranking was followed by the words “Ohio State,” your chances of being in a BCS game beyond winning the conference were pretty slim.

Only three other Big Ten schools made appearances in non-Rose Bowl BCS games—Illinois to the Sugar Bowl once, Iowa to the Orange Bowl twice and Penn State to the Orange Bowl once.

Notice something missing from those numbers, though? Not a single one of those extra appearances came via this…

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