Recruiting trail freezes for Buckeyes coach

January, 29, 2014 Jan 29 11:15 AM ET COLUMBUS, Ohio — The recruiting trail froze over, literally stranding one of Ohio State’s top salesmen on the highway in the middle of a business trip. For a coach based in Columbus, a city that has been rocked with snow and freezing temperatures all winter long, it appears the biggest problems of the recruiting busy season actually came when he was down south.

Herman chronicled his experience in the wild Atlanta winterscape on Twitter throughout the evening on Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, an entertaining and almost hard-to-believe account of the impact the weather had on an area not nearly as well-equipped to handle it as Ohio. Eventually there was a happy ending and Herman caught a flight to get back on the trail again, but his full account of the journey is well worth checking out.

Literally 9 straight hours in my car to go 50 miles. Mother Nature: 1, Atlanta: 0. #IGottaPee #Snowpocalypse

— Tom Herman (@CoachTomHerman) January 29, 2014 It’s official Buckeyes. Just crossed the 10 hour threshold for 50 mile drive from Marietta to ATL. Still have 5 miles to go. #RecordBreaker — Tom Herman (@CoachTomHerman) January 29, 2014

Breaking News: Still on I-285. 12 hr mark has passed. At least I’m getting some quality reps at Flappy Bird. #CompetitiveExcellence

— Tom Herman (@CoachTomHerman) January 29, 2014

I want to thank @4Warinner for the Starbucks coffee 17 hrs ago. Was the last thing I ingested and I truly appreciate it right now. #Delirium

— Tom Herman (@CoachTomHerman) January 29, 2014

So… 19 hrs in my car with hundreds of my closest friends…

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