Big Ten Thursday chat wrap

With so much chatting going on during the signing day festivities, maybe we were due for a slower afternoon. That didn’t stop the conversation from proceeding as planned, and there was still plenty to discuss this afternoon. The full rundown is available over there, and the highlights are right here. Paul (Washington, DC): Who will have a better year next year? Michigan or Michigan State?

Austin Ward: I haven’t seen any developments since the end of the season that would convince me Michigan is going to be better off than Michigan State next year. The Wolverines signed a better recruiting class based on the rankings, but that roster was in much more need of an upgrade than the one that just helped the Spartans win the league and the Rose Bowl. Certainly there’s a lot of defensive talent to replace, but the cupboards aren’t bare and that is one of the most well-coached units in the entire country in my opinion. I’m not sold on Michigan’s hire at OC, either.

Pete (Eau Claire): In Brian’s last chat, he stated he felt that Wisconsin playing LSU in the season opener makes it more likely that Stave would start since Coach Anderson would not want an inexperienced QB to face that opponent. I think he’s 100% wrong because LSU as the opponent makes it is more likely Stave is on the bench. …

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