Ohio State Basketball: Projected Roles for Buckeyes’ 2014 Recruiting Class

If Ohio State’s basketball season was any more of a roller-coaster, half their fanbase would have puked over the side of the car by now. Undoubtedly, some already have, but that’s a different story.

The Buckeyes’ typically fierce defense has been overshadowed by an offense that hasn’t been able to get out of its own way. Against Indiana last Sunday, Ohio State could only make one—yes, ONE—shot outside the paint in the entire game. As might be expected, such a drought led to OSU’s eighth Big Ten loss of the season, the school’s most in the last five years.

A season that began with measured optimism has settled into a fog of unmet expectations and disappointment, even though it’s still going to end somewhere in the NCAA tournament. A hot March run with a couple of tournament victories isn’t completely out of the question, but it’s doubtful anyone who hasn’t overdosed on scarlet Kool-Aid is betting the mortgage on such an event.

As such, it may be time to begin looking forward. Ohio State’s 2014 recruiting class currently ranks sixth nationally, according to 247 Sports, and coach Thad Matta hopes he’s still not done. Even if he is, the incoming talent could cure a lot of ills if it all pans out as it should.

Shot(s) in the Arm

Fans who attend Ohio State games to watch great three-point shooting may as well attend NASCAR races to watch for judicious use of turn signals. Both groups are completely wasting their time.

According to KenPom.com, the…

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