Dayton Newspaper Burns OSU with ‘THE University of Dayton’ Headline

No one is harder on Ohio State than the state of Ohio.

Being a perennial powerhouse is a double-edged sword, and Ohio State felt the wrong end of that blade Thursday night.

The Buckeyes—a collegiate-sport juggernaut with a penchant for reminding everyone they’re the only thing that matters in Ohio—lost a 60-59 nail-chewer to the University of Dayton in the second round of the NCAA tournament.

It was the biggest upset on a day of upsets, and Dayton newspapers were quick to give Ohio State its due comeuppance.

The Dayton Daily News was one such paper, laying into the Buckeyes with a simple yet elegant smackdown in the headline of its Friday edition.


Grab the aloe vera. They’re getting burned out here.

This is the one downside to being the single annual powerhouse in your state. You win constantly, but the moment you lose to an in-state school you won’t even deign to call a “rival,” you will be dragged through nine miles of broken glass and Aaron Craft jokes.

You win some, you lose some, Buckeyes. At least half of the nation won’t personally hold you responsible for losing them a ton of money or anything.

Aaron Craft doesn’t foul. He improves you through physical contact.

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