Predicting Where Braxton Miller Will Land on 1st 2015 NFL Draft Big Boards

At the end of the 2013 season, Braxton Miller toyed with the idea of forgoing his senior year and entering the 2014 NFL draft.

He only needed a week following Ohio State’s Orange Bowl loss to Clemson to make up his mind, or rather, come to the realization that returning was his only realistic option.

Back with the Buckeyes, Miller’s plan should be simple: work on his mechanics, stay healthy and emerge as a leader.

Doing so would dramatically improve his resume ahead of the 2015 NFL draft. In fact, those deficiencies were a big factor in his decision to stay.

But before Miller has a chance to show his growth, where does he stand compared to the other draft-eligible quarterbacks?

Tom Dienhart of the Big Ten Network reviewed the initial 2015 mock drafts, and unsurprisingly, no one is projecting Miller as a first-round selection. Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller supported that assessment in his first look at the top prospects.

So where does that put the 21-year-old?

In a ranking of senior quarterbacks from CBS Sports, Miller came in at No. 7. That list, of course, doesn’t factor in younger signal-callers such as Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston and Brett Hundley, all of whom are expected to make themselves available for the draft as likely first-round selections.

In that scenario, Miller would be the 10th-best quarterback.

A total of 14 quarterbacks were taken in this year’s draft. The 10th passer off the board…

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