Ohio State Football: Realistic Expectations for the Buckeyes’ 2014 Season

Every time the Ohio State football team gathers for practice at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, the Buckeyes’ mantra is featured prominently on an enormous sign overhead.

“The Chase…”

It represents Ohio State’s pursuit of a national title—a journey that started in 2012, when Urban Meyer took over the team and rattled off a school record 24 consecutive victories.

The Chase got derailed by Michigan State in last year’s Big Ten title game. Another loss to Clemson in the Orange Bowl knocked the Buckeyes even further off course.

But after signing the nation’s No. 3 recruiting class, reevaluating the leadership structure and finishing up a productive spring camp, Ohio State is back on track.

Meyer feels that Ohio State has unfinished business.

“We’re teaching people to be unit leaders,” Meyer said, according to Chris Vannini of 247 Sports. “We’ve got a systematic approach to how we’re going to fix this thing. It’s not broke. We didn’t finish The Chase.”

Should Ohio State fans expect another title run this season?

Last year, Ohio State marched its way to Indianapolis unscathed—fueled by a weak schedule, a veteran offensive line and the bullish abilities of Carlos Hyde.

None of those advantages will be available in 2014.

The Buckeyes’ did catch a few breaks on their schedule. The Big Ten’s realigned divisions take effect this season, and Ohio State won’t have to play Wisconsin, Nebraska or…

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