Ohio State’s Braxton Miller Hype Article Is Heisman Marketing at It’s Finest

Ohio State is subtle, but not that subtle.

The Buckeyes released an article on their official website Wednesday promoting quarterback Braxton Miller as basically the most clutch player in college football.

In all, Ohio State credits Miller, a senior, with six game-winning touchdown drives in the fourth quarter or overtime. That number encompasses Miller’s entire collegiate career and is one more than Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds.

“A survey conducted in the past week by Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) sports information directors revealed an impressive statistical note about Ohio State University senior quarterback Braxton Miller,” the first line of the article reads.

If there was ever a preseason Heisman push that wasn’t really an official preseason Heisman push, this is it. It’s an innocent “Oh, hey, look at this.” A not-so-coincidental “Huh, whaddya know about that?”

“Ohio State’s protocol is to let our outstanding performer’s play on the field drive the discussion, initially, regarding major national awards and honors,” Sports Information Director Jerry Emig told B/R in an email.

Ohio State probably isn’t the first program to publish something of this nature nor will it be the last. When it’s crunch time, though, Ohio State wants you to know that Miller is the best in the country at getting the job done.

It’s a perfect time to blast out that little piece of information. It’s June, and beyond the Ed…

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