Ohio State Basketball: Projecting Buckeyes’ 2014-15 Starting Lineup

The Ohio State basketball program is in a rare position as it enters the 2014-15 season—it is an under-the-radar threat in the Big Ten.

For years under Thad Matta, the Buckeyes have been seen as among the top one or two teams in the conference, but after losing to Dayton in the first game of the NCAA tournament and seeing Wisconsin run all the way to the Final Four, that’s not the case this year.

However, there is plenty of talent in place, and Jerry Meyer of 247Sports believes overlooking the Buckeyes could be dangerous, via Kyle Rowland of Eleven Warriors:

Ohio State is one of the top programs in the country. The stability and the consistency they have there has been impressive. Going into every year, I assume they could be a Final Four contender. Maybe they need a little bit of a punch here or a spark there as far talent infusion to be a team you think can win a national championship.

The starting lineup will be called upon to provide that spark. Here is a look at the projected starting five that Matta will lean on the most this season.

Point Guard: Shannon Scott

Aaron Craft was one of the best players ever to lace it up for Ohio State historically, but his absence this season will open up the floor for Shannon Scott to improve.

Scott is a natural point guard who had to play off the ball with Craft running the show. Now, he will be in charge of the Buckeyes on the offensive end and ideally unleash his game-changing speed on…

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