Cardale Jones is bad at softball (Video)

He might be impressive on the football field, but Cardale Jones is equally unimpressive at softball. Cardale Jones has a chance to take Ohio State to a second consecutive National Championship this season. He has the chance to be a high draft prospect in the 2016 NFL Draft as well. However, his softball skills leave a lot to be desired. Playing an impromptu softball game, the Buckeyes football team took some swings in the cages and had a little fun. However, Jones, who is a very large individual and could likely crush any softball down the middle, struggled to make contact at the plate. Just like an over-hyped minor league baseball talent, Jones took a big swing at a softball and came up empty. Jones, being a good sport, laughed it off and knew his ugly swing was going to be on Instagram later. Well, he wasn’t wrong. Luckily for Jones, he doesn’t have to worry about hitting a softball for his career, and instead can focus on throwing beautiful passes and running over linebackers with his enormous size. Cardale Jones is a special talent with a bright future in the game of football. However, when he gets invited to an inevitable charity softball game someday, he might want to decline. [H/T:] More from FanSided

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